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Hydrocell has been a crucial component in numerous hydrogen projects in recent years, significantly advancing this sustainable technology through advisory and consulting services in the Northern Italy region and outside Italy. We accompany projects from inception to completion and beyond.

Research & Development

Development of a propulsion system for boats and special vehicles, conversion of diesel engines to hydrogen/electric

Thöni AG (Austria)

Collaboration on hydrogen strategies in a production facility

Tophaus AG/Progress Group

Concept study on the use of hydrogen at multiple company locations, including the incorporation of newly constructed photovoltaic facilities

Raika Wolkenstein

Feasibility study on the implementation of hydrogen mobility in the Gardena Valley, including the involvement of ski resorts

European Union

Coordinating advisory services in the "TenT" and "FCH-JU" sectors for the European Union.

Schnalstaler Gletscherbahn AG

Study on the seasonal long-term storage of electricity in the form of hydrogen using innovative LOHC technology

Kostner Brennstoffe/Services

Concept for the realization of the first privately operated hydrogen refueling station in Italy

Strata AG

Concept study on the use of hydrogen on the Basra-Mosul railway route in Iraq

Roner AG

Creation of an energy concept and examination of various options for the use of hydrogen

ERD Reinswald

Study on the use of hydrogen in the Reinswald ski area, long-term storage of surplus electricity in the form of hydrogen


Driving a Sustainable Future


These projects were developed within our Consulting Services & Advisory division! We guide hydrogen projects from inception to successful completion and beyond. Would you like to learn more about our solutions?

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