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Hydrocell wins the Innovation in Maritime Transport Award at the Italian Hydrogen Technology Awards

The evening of the Italian Hydrogen Technology Awards (IHTA) on May 18, 2023, saw Hydrocell, a company based in Bolzano, winning in the "Innovation in Application" category for Maritime Transport.

This event is part of the HYDROGEN EXPO in Piacenza, where hydrogen industry companies showcase their commitment to the economy and innovation. The IHTA recognizes these businesses in the energy transition.

Hydrocell stood out for the retrofit of a hydrogen-powered passenger vessel. The project includes the HYCU, a control unit to manage hydrogen/electric propulsion. This system ensures safety, efficiency, and travel comfort while reducing vibrations and noise.

Karl Manfredi, CEO of Hydrocell, stated, "This award is a significant milestone for us and for sustainable maritime transport. It shows that innovation and environmental responsibility can coexist. Our vision is a world where technology and nature harmoniously coexist."

The IHTA recognition highlights Hydrocell's commitment to research and development of sustainable solutions for the maritime sector.


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