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Venice - First Boat Converted to Hydrogen

Hydrocell has started to convert the first conventional boat to hydrogen in Venice.

The customer's goal is to be able to offer the first "Net Zero" excursion boat in the lagoon for tourist trips. After the first experience with diesel-electric hybrid systems, the client was convinced to take the next step towards a CO2- and noise-free fleet. This is particularly popular with tourists to the lagoon and allows him to charge higher prices than his competitors.

The driving profile of the excursion boad had already been mapped and evaluated in summer with a tracking system. We could start to record the dimensions of the motor boat with modern 3D-scanners on Saturday.

This will be followed by the detailed design of the H2 storage tanks, the buffer battery, the fuel cell and the control electronics as well as electric motor. Finally we will convert the boat and certificate the system.


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