Since the very beginning, Hydrocell has focused on innovative and marketable solutions. Together with our partners, we provide our customers with support from the planning stages to implementation and after-sales consulting.
Hydrogen Refuelling System
Hydrocell is official partner of Maximator Hydrogen. We use Maximator’s innovative Hydrogen Refuelling System for hydrogen distribution. As a specialist in high pressure technology, they offer effective, reliable and high-performance solutions. HYDOGEN REFUELLING SYSTEM 350/700 bar for Trucks/Buses/Cars.

Hydrocell is able to provide all the control and industrial electronics. Hydocell takes care of the entire installation, operation and maintenance. The facilities comply with all technical regulations and international safety standards.
Hydrocell is an accredited company and therefore in the album of suppliers and service providers of the Consorzio Industriale del Lazio/Italy.
Integrated storage systems
Long-term storage of electrical power remains one of the greatest challenges of our time. Together with two other partners, we have submitted a research project and applied for funding from the Recovery Fund (PNRR). This innovative research project also builds on a study we did for a ski resort. Not only is electrical energy stored in the form of hydrogen, but the resulting waste heat is also put to good use, enabling a particularly high level of efficiency.
Biomass to Hydrogen
Biomass is a valuable and still completely underestimated energy source. We have demonstrated the efficient conversion of biogas to hydrogen in a feasibility study and subsequently created an implementation project. For the implementation we received funding from the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.
Furthermore, we cooperate with a waste incineration plant and support them in the technical implementation for hydrogen production.
We coordinate the Scan-Med Corridor for Italy, Austria and Germany. This involves the conversion of heavy goods traffic to hydrogen and a zero-emission strategy on the route from Munich to Verona.
A second project concerns a field test of commercial vehicles and vans to find out their practical suitability.
Together with an international partner, we are working on the conversion of small boats to hydrogen propulsion. The particular challenge here is the limited space available and permissible total weight.
Another project concerns the hydrogen refueling stations, which have special requirements because refueling can lead to a number of challenging circumstances due to varying weather conditions.

Ski Resorts
In this context, we have prepared a feasibility study concerning the conversion of an entire ski resort to hydrogen use. Starting with the various snow groomers, hotel shuttles, buses and cabs.
- Technical and economic feasibility studies
- Advice on improving energy efficiency
- Advice on technical and application regulations
- European, national and local funding
- Management of European, national and local projects
Industrial Electronics and IOT
Due to the many years of experience of our shareholders and their companies, we have a high level of expertise and practice in the creation, design and programming of industrial software and industrial electronics. We are equally familiar with the areas of professional data analysis and IOT topics.
Transport Solutions for Hydrogen
Together with a partner company we can also offer for the safe transport of hydrogen. For this purpose, we use certified pressure vessels and a patented docking station. The system is characterized by high flexibility and is particularly easy to handle.
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