Since the very beginning, Hydrocell has focused on innovative and marketable solutions. Together with our partners, we provide our customers with support from the planning stages to implementation and after-sales consulting.
H2 refuelling stations
We offer our customers innovative hydrogen refuelling systems. The systems consist of a supply unit (electrolysis and storage), a compressor, a high-pressure storage tank, and a fuel pump. It is possible to produce the hydrogen directly at the refuelling station or to deliver it. Hydrocell is also able to provide all the control and industrial electronics. Hydrocell takes care of the entire installation, operation, and maintenance. The facilities comply with all technical regulations and international safety standards.
Integrated storage systems
The storage of electrical energy will become a major challenge in the coming decades. To meet this challenge, Hydrocell, in cooperation with its partners, delivers state-of-the-art integrated systems to store energy efficiently and safely in the form of hydrogen. This allows you to store green energy and use it as needed. Be it for the private or commercial sector.
Our partners