Hydrogen technology



Hydrocell is an innovative company that aims to promote and distribute hydrogen technology on the market.
Thanks to our founding partners, we have more than 20 years of experience in the field of hydrogen. We are committed to making a significant contribution to a cleaner environment – free of fossil fuels. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe.

Hydrogen technology enables emission-free mobility for all vehicles, makes renewable energy sources capable of baseload power storage, strengthens climate protection, promotes regionality as a partner of globality, and makes the regional economy internationally competitive – in all areas of everyday life.
We already offer solutions for use in the private and commercial sectors.
H2 refuelling stations
We offer our customers innovative hydrogen refuelling systems. The systems consist of a supply unit (electrolysis and storage), a compressor, a high-pressure storage tank, and a fuel pump. It is possible to produce the hydrogen directly at the refuelling station or to deliver it. Hydrocell is also able to provide all the control and industrial electronics. Hydrocell takes care of the entire installation, operation, and maintenance. The facilities comply with all technical regulations and international safety standards.
Integrated storage systems
The storage of electrical energy will become a major challenge in the coming decades. To meet this challenge, Hydrocell, in cooperation with its partners, delivers state-of-the-art integrated systems to store energy efficiently and safely in the form of hydrogen. This allows you to store green energy and use it as needed. Be it for the private or commercial sector.
Our powerful team is driven by competence and experience. We believe in hydrogen and in its key technology that is essential in the worldwide energy economy. Therefore, our priority is to contribute to an affordable and clean energy use.
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